Why Do We Make Audio Speakers

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Seeing and hearing are fundamental senses that guide and control our life. Without hearing, we would not be able to interact with the society, we would be unable to understand what others say and life would be a lot less expressive. Plus, music would not be available to us and the entertainment world would just vanish. So, hearing is basically the cornerstone for all major social values. It helps boost our life, it gives lives meaning and allows us to seamlessly interact with one another. Without sound, our society would have less power than before and it would not be as powerful!

We, founders at TimoLabs, at our early days, developed interest and obtained a lot of inspiration from the school-based speaker systems. We were amazed by how powerful and efficient loudspeakers can be in wide open space and be very influential in group lives.

School Speaker System

Later, after graduation from engineering colleges, we started off by doing contract OEM (original equipment manufacturer) work for established big brand, here are a few project examples we have been involved with,

Creative Roar
Creative SoundBlaster Roar
JBL Soundbar
JBL Cinema SB350
Samsung Speaker
Samsung Portable Magic Speaker
BBK Subwoofer
Russian BBK Subwoofer

Since we liked a lot how sound influences our life, the more we involve into audio industry, the more we wanted to create a refined and unique speaker system differentiate ourselves from others, which have a sound quality that stands out. Gladly, wireless technology is getting very affordable nowadays that solves cable problems people had for years. By implementing wireless technology, we settled with the idea of creating our own brand, TimoLabs, created a set of wireless speakers that would offer consumers the value and quality that they are in dire need of.

Currently, we offer three product lines that fit the need of people's everyday life,

TimoLabs Amoy I

Amoy Soundbase is aiming to improve the crappy sound coming out of modern thin TV sets. Premium sound quality, sturdy build and all sorts of audio inputs give Amoy the edge to play in this soundbase market. Amoy is also bundled with TV antenna to offer turnkey TV view experience.

TimoLabs Corbett I

Corbett bluetooth speaker line is designed for outdoor and sporting use. We have two models available for your choice, Corbett I S and Corbett I Mini. Both offer incredible sound, rugged build and state-of-the-art software features, along with three colors, Black, Orange and Blue to choose from each model.

TimoLabs Bengal I

Bengal bluetooth speaker line is our most compact and portable speaker we ever designed. It is amazing how impactful such a small speaker body can do. Minimalistic metallic unibody design, music playing capability and outstanding sound quality definitely make it attractive to our customers.

In the near future, we will offer more choice on the portable speaker end, and create more stunning sound systems for home entertainment use.

What characteristics did we opt for?

Firstly, we wanted to focus on a more dynamic range that allows our speakers to sound great without distortion even at a very high volume. Usually, most speakers have this problem when you crank up the volume, so we wanted to address this problem to the best of our capabilities.

Secondly, we wanted to address was the bass capability. You just don’t need more bass nowadays, you just need better bass. Higher quality bass is exactly what you want, and with our product you can actually hear all the notes and you get to experience each and every one of them in a very distinct manner.

Lastly, our Brand, named TimoLabs, is designed to offer you a unique, refined sound feel that you will immediately appreciate and enjoy. The main reason why we created this brand is we wanted to focus on delivering a very good audio quality. Thanks to state of the art technology and high standard audio tech, we are able to provide a very refined, professional experience for all of our customers. As a result, the audio value is second to none and the quality is by far one of the best that you can find on the market! So, don’t hesitate and try out our speaker line to access the distinct, refined audio feel offered by our products!