What Differentiates TimoLabs

From Competition?

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There was a time when Bluetooth audio speakers were revolutionary and expensive. Today, one can find Bluetooth speakers from any sales channel, lots of new brands at a nominal price. Since buyers have more options to choose from, more competition brings more challenge for manufacturers. With more manufacturers providing innovative solutions, the quality of Bluetooth speakers is increasing by the day. However, many manufacturers are missing out the core of speaker product, Sound Quality. This is the case with most speakers today, especially smaller size portable Bluetooth speakers.

As a general rule, a quality Bluetooth speaker should produce high-quality audio, while other features like portability, design and aesthetics come next. For customers, more competition means better quality products and more affordability. However, if the speaker doesn’t produce quality sound, it is of little use.

Why TimoLabs is Different ?

In a crowded market of audio speakers, you’ll find all types of speakers. In fact, so many Bluetooth speaker brands are available that choosing one can be quite difficult. Quality audio speakers are too hard to find, and if you do, their exorbitant price may prevent you from buying. While competitors remain focused on other aspects, quality is one area that has been severely neglected.

TimoLabs has always been putting quality of sound as core competency and differentiator of our products. As a venerable audio speaker contract manufacturer in our past, because we are known for our speaker quality and production reliability, we had the opportunities working with many best know speaker brands to provide either audio modules or turnkey OEM assembly. Some of our past work can be found here.

Typical Sound System
Example of Sound System

If you listen to a TimoLabs Bluetooth speaker, you’ll notice that despite its relatively compact size, they churn out loud enough sounds that are audible from a distance. So much so that you’ll listen to them from across the walls. Most of which are coming from our years of bioaccoustics reaseach that applies to many basic elements of speakers.

We believe the quality of sound is a system work. It involves balancing audio components like,

  • Speaker Driver Recipe (Mechanical Parts)
  • Audio Enclosure Design
  • Amplifier Driving Power
  • Low-noise Electronics Layout

Speaker Driver

Any speaker will struggle to produce quality sound if it lacks a quality speaker driver. So, what is a speaker driver? Well, it is a mechanical part that combines several components like to help produce quality sounds. Depending upon how experienced is your speaker driver, the resulting sounds will feel more natural and pleasing to your ears. In fact, you wouldn’t be far off to call the speaker driver as the heart of your speaker system.

TimoLasb speaker drivers are made out of proprietary recipes for different audio applications. Each of these components is carefully engineered to maintain the quality and precision of the sound produced. Some of the key copmonents of speaker driver are Diaphragm (Cone), Suspension, Basket, Voice Coil and Magnet.

Speaker Driver Componets
Speaker Driver Componets


Every speaker contains a diaphragm, aka the cone. The diaphragm is also the centerpiece of every audio speaker and its mechanical property directly related to the color of sound it produces. It moves air and allows your speaker to generate accurate sound and ensures that you listen to it as is. Paper composite based diaphragm is getting more popular these days due to the fact that such materials have very high strength/weight ratios (paper being even higher than metals) and tend to be relatively immune from flexing during large excursions. This allows the driver to react quickly during transitions in music (i.e. fast changing transient impulses) and minimizes acoustical output distortion.

TimoLabs, with years of bioacoustics research, collects organic materials from the natural and forms our proprietary paper composite recipe that produces a color of sound we like the most. Then we applies this technology to all our products to get pleasing results.

TimoLabs also adds waterproof feature in the development of paper based diaphragm, which is THE most critical part that secures our waterproof Bluetooth speaker line, Corbett, because, even with the PERFECT airtight enclosure design, speaker diaphragms are still going to touch water directly. With industry IPX7 or 8 requirement of underwater 1 to 3 meter for 30 minutes, TimoLabs Corbett speakers manage to exceed industry standard by staying underwater for a couple of hours, all thanks to our waterproof diaphragm.

Waterproof Feature
Speaker Waterproof Feature


Neodymium magnet is the primary choice of TimoLabs speaker magnet. Although neodymium magnets were expensive, they allowed loudspeaker motors to be as little as half the weight of comparable ceramic magnet motors, and more efficient compare to conventional magents. The smaller size of magnets leave more room for audio enclosure which is especially important in portable and compact speaker designs, like TimoLabs Bengal I speaker .

But not all Neodymium magnets are created equal. TimoLabs always picks out the best quality Neodymium magnets, and they are tested with as much as two times of magnetic strength comparing to others in speaker drivers with comparable sizes.

Audio Enclosure Design

Audio enclosure design is not rocket science, most of time, it is combination of physics and experience. The speaker size should be adequate correlated to enclosure volume so that the produced sound remains audible and rich. Bigger audio enclosure designs will naturally provide louder volume. The benefit of a quality audio enclosure design is that it allows the speaker to use available space optimally.

For any speaker, it is the audio eclosure design that matters most. The shape of the audio enclosure is important as it allows the produced sound frequencies to scatter better. Similarly, a rectangular enclosure design is better at producing higher sound frequencies when compared to a to a cube design. Why? because the design allows frequencies to travel more efficiently. Hence, you’ll find a lot of Bluetooth speakers having compact and efficient audio enclosure designs.

Sealed Enclosure
Sealed Enclosure
Ported Enclosure
Ported Enclosure

Passive Radiator

Since your Bluetooth speaker is small and compact, it has certain limitations when it comes to enclosure design. A passive radiator allows you to increase volume despite its compact size. These systems often have smaller enclosure volume but can still produce sound compared to vented systems. Keep in mind that the tuning of your passive radiator depends on the diameter of diaphragm inside your speaker driver. Also, since most passive radiators are compact and small, they require less suspension to travel. Why is important? Because it will allow the passive radiator to reach its suspension travel in less time. Once that happens, the produced sound will be louder.

TimoLabs designs and fine tunes passive radiators to have enough power to virtually increase audio enclosure volume of your speakers up to two times, with minimum distortion. The equipment is available as an add-on to your speaker and can provide great quality sound without compromising quality.

Passive Radiator
TimoLabs Corbett I S Revealed

Amplifier Driving Power

Every speaker needs matching amplifier power to drive. It largely depends upon speaker driver design. Bigger speakers will naturally consume beefier wattage, and they’ll also produce louder sounds and higher volume. Excessive power will fry or damage your speaker. Similarly, too less power will not let your speaker produce audible sound, and you wouldn’t hear anything. Ideally, your audio speaker should have just enough power to produce loud sounds.

Hower, speaker manufacturers always not provide informative power specification. The spec you end up reading the manual of your audio speaker is not exactly the power it produces for marketing purposes, but, in most cases, the peak power output of amplifier. Here is an explanation of different power in speaker system.

Simply put, power output from power amplifier is correlated to audio distortion. In reality, if used in maximum power, the sound produced will be unbearable. 60%~70% of amplifier max power output is probably the sweat spot for continuous audio power output option with low distortion.

With comparable speaker sizes, TimoLabs utilizes world leading class D amplifier IC solutions to produce at least 1.5 times of continuous power output against competition, when the marketed power outputs are the same.

Audio System Output Testing

Flat Response means that the speaker reproduces sound accurately, and it is the characteristic speaker manufacturers should aim for. Upon hearing a little sound for the first time, you may not notice it. This is because different people respond differently to non-flat audio. But, as you keep listening to it, you’ll realize that flatness reflects the sound in a natural way, just as you hear different sounds around you all day. Imagine for a moment if manufacturers made none-flat speakers to please customer’s music taste. But after a short while, you will start noticing that the sound quality is not the same, especially when listening to different music in a single pass. This is also because none flat music sounds inadequate for some types of music.

In order to have reliable and trustworthy testing results, TimoLabs has gained access to one of the most renowned Audio Testing Chamber in the world for the purpose of Sound Pressure Level SPL Testing. A signal that’s comprised of all frequencies at equal volume is fed into a speaker that sits in a room with no reflective surfaces. A calibrated microphone is placed in front of the speaker and feeds the speaker’s output into a machine that plots the frequency vs. amplitude as shown in pictures below.

Actual SPL Curve
Actual SPL Curve
Flat SPL Curve
Flat SPL Curve

Room with no reflective surfaces, aka Anechoic Chamber, is like a room that can absorb reflections of both electromagnetic waves and sounds alike. The insulation allows the chamber to absorb external noises. All TimoLabs speaker products go through Anechoic Chamber SPL testing rigorously during the process of development. This speaks a lot about the quality of TimoLabs speakers as they match or exceed the advertised performance. We do our best to bring customers the best quality audio speakers in the world. These speakers will not only give you the best level output among all contemporaries. It will also ensure that your speaker complies with all the stated specs and doesn’t fall short at any stage. With such quality control, you shouldn’t expect anything less than a situation of the art audio speakers.

TimoLabs Audio Testing Chamber
TimoLabs Audio Testing Chamber

What is Next ?

At TimoLabs, experts and engineers work hard to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Since we secured the quality of sound, we will keep adding more features to speaker products to add value to customers’ everyday lives.

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